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I was born in New Zealand where I spent my summer holidays at the beach and have memories of roaming orchards as a child.  I felt peace and took solace in nature and being with animals.  Especially when things were challenging at home.


With a natural curiosity and wonder, I eventually went travelling and felt like I was seeking some answer.  Some understanding.  Some grater purpose to my life.

I arrived in Sydney in 2010 lost, confused and depressed.  It was time to find some ground.  To stay put and face my internal world that I had been running from.

My spiritual exploration and healing began.


I explored Guided Meditation, Reiki, Shamanic work, Breath work and Bodywork.  I joined women’s circles, went to sound healings, light language groups and found conscious dance.  All of these were amazing and supported my growth and expression. But at the core, I still felt small, felt not good enough and lacked self-confidence.


In 2016 my journey with Unconditional Love Healing began.  This was when I was able (and ready) to go deep, to get to the core of my beliefs about the world and myself. I was given a tool and community that has been one of the most powerful and transformational aspects on my journey. I was able to build a loving relationship with my emotions to support my growth in finding the love and richness in it all. 


At the core of it all for me was relationship.  My relationship with myself and patterns and hurts built in my childhood. I realised my inner child was still holding on to hurt and repressed emotions from challenging experiences and relationships. It was time to set her free and build a loving supportive relationship that I desired with myself.


It was at this time I could see the power in my choice to work with children as a Nanny and Early Childhood Educator.  I found relating to children so much easier than adults because they express so easily because I felt free to express myself and play with them without judgement.  Because I was still a child in an adults body who did not trust adults.  Including my adult self.


I can now see the richness and beauty in my life experience even the most challenging parts.  I was able to see the not loving experiences and learn from them and find the gift in them.  I can see how it’s all been building and creating for me to be able to live this dream and vision I have for myself and the world.  I am only able to find the peace and harmony within by seeing, being with and finding love for the hurt and not loving parts of myself. It’s through this process that I have been able to transform my life.


I am now feeling super excited to support and guide people on their own inner journey to love and greater empowerment.  The parent-child relationship is one area I feel a particular passion. With our own inner children and after working with children for 14 years I feel I can support parents with any challenges they are facing with their children and home lives.



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