"Soul Connection"


The soul connection program has been developed to support your journey of empowerment.

I truly believe that when we can connect deeply with our soul/spirit/essence we can start to live the life of our dreams.


It has been my journey with Unconditional love healing * to find love in experiences where I was deeply challenged, felt powerless and completely alone.  I have been able to find the power and gift from some deeply challenging life experiences and relationships.  In this is my passion to share that working and loving our emotions and those very human aspects of ourselves -we can create big change in our lives.


Creating a strong connection with our soul and higher self as a guide we can begin to understand our greater truth.  Who we truly are.  Find the joy and power in our being a true expression of ourselves. That we are limitless beings of love here to create an amazing and exciting life for our self with others.


What the 4 week program will offer you are some foundational tools to start you on the journey to creating greater peace, love and connection in your life.




What you will get:

1 month of transformation.

3 x 1.5 hour healing sessions and check in.

Each week you will be given a new tool to work with and practice.  I will intuitively pick and choose with you a meditation and tool to help support your growth.



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Live Your Spirit, Love your Humanity